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Fitness test results mixed for Sacramento County students; opponents decry ‘fat letters’


We are well aware that come fall our fitness desires start to wane a little. But the waning of our fitness goals might start to take a back seat to the safety of outside work outs. Even in Utah, which is probably one of the safest and most family friendly states in the nation, there are those whose intent is to cause problems for someone else. Certain groups of individuals take the dark of the evenings and early mornings during the Utah fall and winter times to aid their malicious deeds.
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Bling bishop ordered out

Research shows that 81 percent of 10-year-olds say they are afraid of being fat. Many young people are already the target of bullying at school, and this additional focus on weight and size only adds fuel to the fire, said Lynn Grefe, president of the group, a nonprofit that supports people with eating disorders and their families. Broken down by grade, local fifth- and seventh-graders saw slight improvements in the proportion of students at a healthy weight; ninth graders saw slight declines. The same trends occurred statewide. The states body composition standards are based on two measures: the percent of fat in a childs body and the childs body mass index. These are calculated using two measurements: a caliper to measure skin folds and whats called a bioelectric impedance analyzer, which measures the resistance of body tissues to a small electrical signal.
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Bodyline Fitness & Gym Launches First-Of-Its-Kind Wellness Center in Lagos


Superstar Darey Art Alade hosted the exclusive launch event while guests present included Segun Awolowo, Bassey Albert, Commissioner for Finance Akwa Ibom State Toni Kan, Ireti Doyle, Abisoye Fagade, Howie T, Zaina, His Royal Highness Saw Owa the Owa Lobbo of Obbo-Ayegunle, and many others. Speaking at the event, Ladi Okunneye, Managing Director 03B Networks Ltd. noted the top-notch facilities available at the center, confirming theres no where like this currently in Lagos. During the official opening, the Managing Director, Bodyline Fitness & Gym, Mr. Bankole Opashi reiterated the importance of the Lagos outlet to the Bodyline brand. Launching in Lagos was very important for us as we knew that Lagosians needed these services especially given the hectic nature of the city. He added that keeping fit no longer has to be boring because adding fun to the concept of healthy living is what has sustained the brand for the past seven years in Abuja. Mr.
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Prevent Sports Injuries With Exercise, Review Says

The findings on strength training and stretching were similar across studies, even though the studies used different exercise programs and had different outcomes of interest. Therefore, the researchers suggested that these findings can be generalizable outside of this review. Proprioception was associated with a 52 percent decreased risk of sports injury, and multi-method programs led to a 37 percent decreased risk. The results from proprioception and multi-programs were not comparable across studies, so the findings on these two methods were less conclusive and generalizable than those on other methods. Some of the studies also considered whether or not the injury was acute (from a single event) or from overuse, and found that exercise programs were associated with a 38 percent decreased risk of acute injuries and a 47 percent decreased risk of overuse injuries.
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Exercise is Brain-food for Teens, Says Study

Researchers Uncover Role of

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